Mask Sizing

The creation process of all masks available involve the use of a head bust used to get the general average head size. Meaning, all masks generally fit the head size of 22-24 inches in circumference around the brow line. Please be sure these masks are a fit for you. If you wear glasses, these masks may give discomfort with them placed on.

If a mask fit is too small it is up for the buyer to adjust it. The material allows for adjustment through heat, using a heat gun or a blow dryer your mask can be shaped and adjusted as needed. 


DIY Mask and Kits 

DIY masks are blank casting of a mask meant for others to customize however they like. Generally, these are for those who have experience or the tools and knowledge to complete them. "Pre-cut" option available for orders are for those who do not have the power tools to finish them, or for those who only wish to prime, paint, strap, and decorate the masks. You can add this option as an item in your cart. No blank casts will come with pre-cut holes, or edges.



Blank DIY casts can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The buyer is responsible for shipping.

Full customized masks cannot be returned.



Mask commissions are currently not available. Sculpture commissions are available, pricing will vary due to size, detailing and material.

For more info, comments, returns, commissions or if you would like tips on how to customize your mask, please contact themeltingcranium@gmail.com